Monday, November 8, 2010

Nautica - Denim

my lovely twin sistas... miss them lots. they r d ones who wld always accompany me for & of corz - photoshoots. sigh... now both of them juz started wrkg, so i'm left on my own to shoot... hw 2 shoot my own pics???

1. denim jacket - nichii $33
2. red ballet shoes - new look $39

Who would hv thot that these pics were taken in sunny Singapore. Took advantage of the hazy weather (due to wind from deforestation @Sulawesi, Indonesia) It was 2pm...can u believe that? looked more like 7am...i wldnt wana shoot tat early... "pictures can be misleading..."

thanks to the haze - it wasnt freakin hot as expected... cloudy & gloomy... reminds me of brisbane in May!

Last pic below was taken at The Esplanade where concerts, theatres & the arts are displayed.


Stylish Hijabi said...

you look fabulous sis!!! :)

In Style Hejab said...

thank u, very much inspired by u too :p

MYGA said...

Mashallah you have great style!
Perfectly fitted and modest and stylish :)