Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Shower - Denim, Silver & White

naw..i wasnt the photographer of d day...juz love 2 posed wif d cam...snap! snap! we go~

theme for the baby shower - blue, white & silver. so, i grabbed my denim jacket, white top, black skirt & lacy grey shawl (wif rose-prints...very vintage...i know :p) wanted 2 wear white skirt..but it seemed 2 hv shrunk & shortened after the laundry!

yes... i LOVE LACE... cnt get enuf of them...makes me feel romantic... like i juz watched a romantic film... who said lace + denim don't match - they compliment!

love this rose ring - very ! not to forget the bracelet(adds a whimsical touche'), a gift frm my fren...

some vain pics of yours, truly...

my pretty sista... who has faithfully helped me snapped & uploaded my pics ever since my digicam 'hung up' on me! thanks babe..u did an awesome job...u ROCK! (love her jacket, if only we share d same size - like we used to...)

Hejabi in the making - Amy, my little friend hasnt made up her mind but quite inspired to don a hejab; for fashion sake! i believe she'll a make a vogue & sassy hejabi : )

the glowing, ethereal mummy in pink...may u hv a safe delivery...insyaallah!

our special guest for the day! mummy & i...

and of corz...we're expecting a baby boy!

i remembered, my friend mentioned she wanted a carebear. so, as i shopped 2 get her a voucher, saw this cute white carebear (special edition). even thot of gettin one for myself...nvr too old for a bear :p

lovely brownie cuppies, made wif lots of love & TLC by my own sistas. arent they sweeet...?

the lovely 'suji' that my mum made - so lovely that the expecting mummy had 6 of these! i'm sure the baby boy will b very sweet lookin when he's out!

Posed wif the helium balloons
Left a 'baby shower' message & well wishes on balloons

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j.amyemeelea said...

haha~ for fashions' sakes ehk? :p all ways lead to one i say hehe..