Monday, October 22, 2012

Bz Snakin around....SsssSSsss

Rushed & bz weekend, sending off relatives for Haj, wedding...but we managed to catch a movie "Step-Up Revolution" (which has been airing for 2 mths), window-shopping @Somerset, J has been eyeing for the smart Chinos @Uniqlo -$69.90 so he choked & decided to wait for sale :p

Heavy downpour these few days so most peeps juz patronised the malls & cinemas. We missed a friend's event & even missed chillin out wif frens & families. When it poured, everyone seems to b all-over, stuck in every crooks & crannies.

Anyway, i was thrilled to shop for this snake-print shawl..S$21.90 from SIX@Bugis. argh, i rarely splurge on shawls but i'd bn sourcin for this so i was delighted to even stretch my budget for this.

Hepi 4-day work week peeps!

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