Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Nautica Look

i love this newly bought jacket - stripes & with 'nautica' buttons. Frm Cotton On - $49.

Wear it better - wif Red shoes; ballet or wedges. but nvm...will wear that wif other matches in my next post :p

I love this rose ring - bought it in Gold Coast, OZ

love d ambience..very nautica...i loyke~

Sinful dessert - Mud Pie. This is a MUST HAVE no matter how full u r :p

seafood platter for two - combo of fish, oysters, prawns, calamari, fries & rice - all FRIED! another yum yum!

French starter - mussels in butter garlic sauce...yummy!!!

Succulent prawns w butter garlic rice...yummy again!

my beloved family...muacks

while waiting for MRT @ Newton Mrt Station... chubby hubby is takin a lil' long to knock off frm his office : ) snap, snap...

Our Godson, Danish : ) sooo adorable!

Danish - only 2.2kg born at 35weeks, Parkway East Hospital.

The glowing bestie, Nazlin juz delivered her second son. Alhamdulillah!

Feel Good Movies that i love...

Here is my list of favourite movies, mostly of corz "Romance". I love watching movies which u leave cinema feeling inspired or creative or even 'in love' to d core. some movies make me feel so good that i watch it over & over again. Love me or hate me - i watched & wldnt mind watching TWILIGHT, that's my highest no. more than uncountable. There are others which i watched 3-4 times already. Love it @ cinema but some i watched thm online. i hate the feeling when there isnt any romantic film i can watch or book i can read...i need them like a constant feed & as energy booster. i sick?
Do u love watching Movies? esp...Romantic ones?

1. Twilight

2. Notebook

3. Catch and release

4. A Walk to remember

5. Ugly truth

6. P.S.I Love U

7. Ghost

8. Grease

9. Pretty Woman

10. Clueless

11. While you were sleeping

12. The Proposal

13. Flirting with forty

14. Bring it on

15. Labamba

16. Awake

17. Good luck Chuck

18. The other end of the line

19. John Tucker must die

20. What happens in Vegas

21. The Hangover

22. He's just not that into you

23. 50 first dates

24. A Lot like Love

25. Just married

26. Down with love

27. Confessions of a Shopaholic

28. Sex and the city

29. How to lose a guy in 10 days

30.My Bestfriend's wedding

31.Bride wars

32.Angel eyes

33.Ghost of girlfriends past

34.The Wedding Planner

35. Selena

36. The lakehouse

37. Two weeks notice

38. Elizabethtown

39. Chasing liberty

40. The Princess Diaries

41. The Devil wears prada

42. Troy

43. 300

44. Match point

45. Bend it like Beckham

46. 17 again

47. The Wedding Date

48. Griffin & Phoenix

49. The Holiday

50. Over her dead body

51. Definitely, maybe

52. The curious case of benjamin button

53. Pearl Harbour

54. 40 days & 40 nights

55. Romeo & Juliet

56. My sassy girl

57. The girl next door

58. It's a boy girl thing

59. Cocktail

60. Made of honour

61. The Nanny Diaries

62. Music & Lyrics

63. I could never be your woman

64. New Moon

65. Post Grad

66. Veronika decides to die

67. Leap Year

68. Up In the air

69. When in Rome

70. Valentine's Day

71. Ice Castles

72. The Rebound

73. The Back-up Plan

74. 13 going 30

75. Dear John

76. Eclipse

77. Remember me

78. The Last Song

79. Killers

80. My Best Friend's Girl

81. Picture Perfect

82. Love Happens

83. In her shoes

84. Sex and the City 2

85. Titanic

86. Honey

87.Whip It

88. Hachiko - A Dog's Story

89. Love at First Hiccup

90. Dance with me

91. She's the man

92. When Harry Met Sally

93. Serendipity

94. She's out of my League

95. Life as We Know It

96. Charlie St.Cloud

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hejabi's Day Out

Love this blue dress. Nowadays, even non-hejabi wears it with pants or long skirt. Friends remarked that i looked slimmer here...well, who said ruffles will make u look fat?
Bought this cute dress @ This Fashion, dirt cheap S$10 only. Pants frm Dorothy Perkins. Blue wedges frm B.E, Johor Bahru (J.B).

This pic was taken at one of the kelongs at Gelang Patah, J.B. You guessed it rite...i wore the wedges instantly after i bought them..hehhe Great Stuff cnt wait!

This is my lovely sister, Eliani.
Bought few lacey shawls the other day...i love lace...cnt get enuf of them. Those sold online are pricey compared to these which i happened to passed by a pushcart @ Bugis. and it's cheap.. only S$12 per pc : ) My sis is not wearing hejab yet.. wish she'll b converted soon, insyaallah. she'll make a chic hejabi one day : )

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Shower - Denim, Silver & White

naw..i wasnt the photographer of d day...juz love 2 posed wif d cam...snap! snap! we go~

theme for the baby shower - blue, white & silver. so, i grabbed my denim jacket, white top, black skirt & lacy grey shawl (wif rose-prints...very vintage...i know :p) wanted 2 wear white skirt..but it seemed 2 hv shrunk & shortened after the laundry!

yes... i LOVE LACE... cnt get enuf of them...makes me feel romantic... like i juz watched a romantic film... who said lace + denim don't match - they compliment!

love this rose ring - very ! not to forget the bracelet(adds a whimsical touche'), a gift frm my fren...

some vain pics of yours, truly...

my pretty sista... who has faithfully helped me snapped & uploaded my pics ever since my digicam 'hung up' on me! thanks babe..u did an awesome job...u ROCK! (love her jacket, if only we share d same size - like we used to...)

Hejabi in the making - Amy, my little friend hasnt made up her mind but quite inspired to don a hejab; for fashion sake! i believe she'll a make a vogue & sassy hejabi : )

the glowing, ethereal mummy in pink...may u hv a safe delivery...insyaallah!

our special guest for the day! mummy & i...

and of corz...we're expecting a baby boy!

i remembered, my friend mentioned she wanted a carebear. so, as i shopped 2 get her a voucher, saw this cute white carebear (special edition). even thot of gettin one for myself...nvr too old for a bear :p

lovely brownie cuppies, made wif lots of love & TLC by my own sistas. arent they sweeet...?

the lovely 'suji' that my mum made - so lovely that the expecting mummy had 6 of these! i'm sure the baby boy will b very sweet lookin when he's out!

Posed wif the helium balloons
Left a 'baby shower' message & well wishes on balloons

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Style Hejab @ Goldcoast, OZ

These pics were taken during my recent trip to Brisbane & Goldcoast, Australia. Places posted here - Lone Pine Sanctuary, Raffles Royale Apartment, Surfers Paradise Beach, Movie World, Dream World & Minto Student House. Love the trip lots... wish 2 return some day : )

Shabby Chic style

Thanks to fellow blogger "Dianpelangi" - The Merchant Daughter, she posted a hejab style which i fancied & tried it on myself. I happen to hv the materials i needed except for the 'dangling' kinda pin wic i tot was an earing, actually. Chiffon scarve/hejab, lacey headband & pins. easy pizzie, doesnt even need brooch wif it. Looks very flowy & soft...almost angelic Hah! it's a little different but similar at same time wif what i usually wear... i love it!

i'm so in love wif this dress...i posted tis before, i wore it wif denim jacket. but i felt i dint do enuf justice coz i only posted 1 pic of it..even thn it wasnt very clear. i've soft spot for roses..especially small, pink blossoms. even my hse is decorated with plenty of rose decor - shabby chic style.

for this outfit, i pair it wif another jacket..but pastel pink (denim material too). i bought this @ CHOMEL eons ago..thot i'd grown out of it...recently, i tried again..Voila..It Fits! i'm so thrilled that my arms had relented & let the jacket fits. it's hard 2 get this kinda jacket nowadays..pastel & with slight lace trimmings. very kawaii look..even koreans & japanese are into this look now :p