Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd day @Batam

The Hills (formerly known as Puri Garden) is the hotel i've stayed loyally for the many visits. It's in Nagoya ; heart of Batam & conveniently located juz opposite of Nagoya Hill Mall. Right behind the latter are the 2 popular (but rundown) malls - Centrepoint & Matahari.

For shopaholics like myself, this hotel is great for its location. the only mode of transport safe for us Singaporeans is the taxi - costliest thing on ur mind while ur there. others are 'value-for-money'. hence, i try 2 minimize moving around in taxi except for transfers to n frm ferry terminal...or if i crave for real seafood @ Golden Prawn kelong...

btw... this is my regular travelling partner, my soulmate & guardian angel - my husband... heart u, dear : )

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