Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent trip to Batam, Indonesia

I love this dress...
looks romantic & i fell in love w it at first sight.
plus it's only S$20...

i have it for quite sometime already but i needed somethin 2 compliment it. so, i hunted for a denim jacket wic i bought recently at Nichii, Vivo City - only S$39.

not to forget - i also love this vintage lacy shawl wic i had 2 layer wif mini hejab..otherws it'd b quite transparent. bought few similar shawls at S$12.50ea... at pushcart @harbourfront.

i love this look totally... made me feel as tho i juz watched a great romantic movie!

these pics were taken @ Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam Indonesia. people generally think of batam as a sleazy place..well, tat's juz a stigma. i've bn patronizing batam since more than a decade ago. i love d spa...massage, creambath...the indo cuisine etc. batam has prospered so much since then as new malls keep appearing like shrooms.

as much as i enjoy spa, i oso love karaoke. gez wat - they hv all the popular choices now - NAV, INUL VISTA, MONIQUE & even Happy Puppy. of corz, i was delirious n spoilt for choice!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for following my blog :)
I really love your dress, it's so pretty :)

xoxo Marsiya

In Style Hejab said...

Thanks dear. I'm still new & shall learn a lot frm u, mademoiselle... ur site has inspired me :)