Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dinner @ Sufi


Anonymous said...

Love the way you wear your hijab it's really original :)
You're welcome for the following and I'm really proud and happy if my blog can bring you a little inspiration :)
Keep on blogging ;)


In Style Hejab said...

Thanks Marsiya...am lovin it : )

Stylish Hijabi said...

I love your scarf, and this place is kinda familiar to me.... I can see in the background Sultan Masjid isn't it? haha... so nice to have a blogger friend from Singapore. :D

In Style Hejab said...

thanks dear for 'follow'ing...yes, i'm very much fond of lace, maybe inspired by VELA. plus, singapore's so hot, it's only wise to layer wif lace - others mite b too thick...and yes, tat's the oldest mosque in singapore - Sultan Mosque. glad 2 hv met fellow native...keep in touch :)