Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hv u got ur turban...yet?

It's 4am & i cldnt blink an eye... After my return from the recent Jakarta trip, i've bn havin a bout of insomnia..weird, time difference is juz an hr, so unlike Europe. Perhaps, i've bn overwhelmed by the hejab styling while i was there. Most of the bystanders were don in beautiful layers of hejab, fashionable dressing...I'm in awe. inspired. empowered.

it's not i can do anythin abt it. i dnt sell. i dnt design. but i do shop. a lot. especially during overseas trips. so, the next thing i can to style. my style. in style hejab :p

pardon my rantings, i'm juz high without sleep.

i never liked turbans before. coz i'm not even indian. where i come from, only Indians wear turbans. in other parts of the world - the arabs, jamaicans, africans, afghans...
in singapore, 2 prominent Malay artistes wear turbans.

recently, i've observed more Muslimahs wearing turbans but i've never seen beautiful don ones. most of them wore too bulky. but Anisa magazine changed my perception. the lady on the cover pg is the daughter-in-law of a popular politician in Indonesia.

i've yet to read the articles. why i buy mag - see the pics, not to read. if i wana read, i've loads of novels & other genre of books to read!

anyway, here's my version of turban-styling. it was impromptu, while sisters & i had a mini project runway (wannabe)...i simply tilted my head downwards like how i usually dry my hair wif a towel, twisted the 2 ends of the shawls together, then tucked them in. Ta-da! Turban's done.

o yea, i dnt understand y people exposed their necks when they could hv worn turtlenecks or 'ninjas' instead. as much as styling is concerned, pls cover ur 'aurah' tat's the whole purpose of wearing a hejab.

btw, bloggin is good - like sleepin my eyes r droopy. great, i can hv forty winks before my hub wakes up. tks for keepin me company. here's my turban look, sorry no make-up. thank u berry nice :)

P/s-will snap few pics of the hejab styles featured in these mags soon, insyaallah.
        -laters baby-

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