Friday, November 19, 2010

New Love at last...

After years wif 'Pleasure' by Estee Lauder, i finally found a perfect match 'Blooming Bouquet' by Dior. I'm totally swooned, head over heels over tis new fragrance of mine...

Excerpts from a website..."Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet arrives in summer 2008. This is a blooming bouquet of emotions and notes, announced as summer interpretation of Miss Dior Cherie EDT edition of 2007, which was not well accepted at Asian market, since it was considered "too Western".

Dominant notes of this fragrance are mandarin in the top notes, peony flowers in the heart and sensual white musk trace in the base note. The bottle has the same shape, liquid is pink, which contributes to the feeling of romance."


i'm lovin it

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My new baby - Canon DSLR EOS1000D

Yes! i'm the proud owner of a digital SLR camera. That explains partly why i've bn missing in action for few wks (i miss blogging). i used to take pics wif my nikon digicam, faithfully servin its purpose for few years, travelled wif me far & near...doin justice to beautiful landscapes, gourmetlicious food, romantic getaways, sentimental potraits, furry pets & what hv u not... but i decided to take photography up another level. melodrama i am not, but my ol' digicam went caput on me! well, now i don't feel guilty splurging on this new baby of mine.

hope that also explains why all of a sudden, i flooded few albums today. i desperately need to clear all my pics taken from previous that i can start shootin & uploadin DSLR quality pics. insyaallah, hope 2 achieve better photography with tis newbie. naw, i didnt get the most expensive ones...that would hv sucked me dry! but it did pinch me abt $800+ inc extended warranty, several useful editing softwares, extra 8GB memory card & extra battery. not to forget, i went for a complimentary course on how 2 use its functions...2hr lesson boyyy..i did benefit lots!

my next target is to also upload some pics of my sistas... i took lovely pics of her but havent got the time/chance/mood or whatever excuses to upload them lots.

and...insyaallah, if everythin goes hiccups whatsoever, i'll b travelling to jakarta this weekend. so, i really hope to clr my backlog before my trip so that i can start afresh sooner than i can imagine.

sorry..mind my rantings....c ya arnd :p

Monday, November 8, 2010 me

These pics were taken at The City Hall, the colonial building juz opposite the padang. the padang hosts many National Day Parades as an alternative to the great National Stadium @Kallang. The building is one of my few favourites in the local scene. Quite iconic as it also serves as a scenic venue for wedding photoshoot.

Flaunting my two-way cake from Doll Me Up cosmetics : ) my fave all-time powder.

Black Roses & Lace

I love lace! ...and i love my long black skirt. The latter is so easy to match wif almost anythin & everythin. if i hv 2 recommend a fellow hejabi, wld definitely recommend this long black skirt - slim cut wif a slight flair at the it's stretchy altho it's free size. i may b on the plus size but..i can fit into can u! a long black skirt is a must have - juz like any other 'LBD' (little black dress) for non-hejabi unless...u wana wear LBD wif pants..layer it wif long-sleeve t.

plus...on a lazy day..when u dread to iron..hey! juz grb a long black skirt..or in my own words - lazy, black skirt...hehhehe. cnt say anymore - a must have!

1. black lacy shawl - pushcart @bugis $12
2. black shades - marks & spencer $14
3. black long-sleeve t - anglia $12
4. black lacy ruffles roses mini dress - nichii $34
5. black long skirt - geylang market $10
6. silver flower brooch - diva, surfers paradise, goldcoast $5

Like A Virgin...In White...NOT

The retro 80s tune rang in my i tiptoed my way to Istana Park, opposite Plaza Singapura. perhaps my white cotton outfit triggered some ol' memories. i love my lacey shawls...especially tis d pastels...felt romantic all over again.

1. lacey pastel shawl - pushcart @ harbourfront $12
2. white cotton shirt - pushcart @ raffles city, B1 $29
3. white long lacey skirt - pushcart @ raffles city, B1 $49
4. black ballet shoes - kmart, harbourtown, goldcoast $12

wat a more lovely way 2 end d day than to hv a teh tarek... rather not mention where tis plc is - it doesnt deserve my advertising coz d food sux. the mamak shop next to Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Ghout. dnt go there - u don't miss a thing, u will thank me for choosing to dine at fastfood instead!

u gez it rite - T O I L E T. at Plaza Singapura... a quick window shoppin after a hard day's wrk!
after embracing chameleon for d day wif nautica outfit..interchanged wif black N shawls etcetera... juz unwind at the toilet before heading home zipping thru d red line : )

Nautica - Denim

my lovely twin sistas... miss them lots. they r d ones who wld always accompany me for & of corz - photoshoots. sigh... now both of them juz started wrkg, so i'm left on my own to shoot... hw 2 shoot my own pics???

1. denim jacket - nichii $33
2. red ballet shoes - new look $39

Who would hv thot that these pics were taken in sunny Singapore. Took advantage of the hazy weather (due to wind from deforestation @Sulawesi, Indonesia) It was 2pm...can u believe that? looked more like 7am...i wldnt wana shoot tat early... "pictures can be misleading..."

thanks to the haze - it wasnt freakin hot as expected... cloudy & gloomy... reminds me of brisbane in May!

Last pic below was taken at The Esplanade where concerts, theatres & the arts are displayed.

Nautica - White

As promised from my previous post, I wanted to vary nautica with white instead of black. This time around, I paired the striped jacket with white top & the newly bought white skirt from a pushcart at Raffles City (on d same day of this photoshoot). I am the crazy few who wldnt mind improvise what i wear even if the item had juz been bought! - was supposed to wear black wif variety of shawls for the shoot (upcoming posts)...well, some things are best unplanned!

Yes... not 2 forget, my new red ballet shoes from New Look.

1. striped bolero jacket - cotton on $49
2. white long-sleeve - anglia $12
3. white long lacey skirt - pushcart $39
4. red scarf - akel $5
5. red ballet shoes - new look $39

"Seeing light at the end of the tunnel..."

Next few pics were taken at Clarke Quay

Love this building, located juz next 2 clarke quay, as u walk frm City Hall. The ancient building wif its colourful windows is actually a fire station - who wld hv guessed!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Nautica Look

i love this newly bought jacket - stripes & with 'nautica' buttons. Frm Cotton On - $49.

Wear it better - wif Red shoes; ballet or wedges. but nvm...will wear that wif other matches in my next post :p

I love this rose ring - bought it in Gold Coast, OZ

love d ambience..very nautica...i loyke~

Sinful dessert - Mud Pie. This is a MUST HAVE no matter how full u r :p

seafood platter for two - combo of fish, oysters, prawns, calamari, fries & rice - all FRIED! another yum yum!

French starter - mussels in butter garlic sauce...yummy!!!

Succulent prawns w butter garlic rice...yummy again!

my beloved family...muacks

while waiting for MRT @ Newton Mrt Station... chubby hubby is takin a lil' long to knock off frm his office : ) snap, snap...

Our Godson, Danish : ) sooo adorable!

Danish - only 2.2kg born at 35weeks, Parkway East Hospital.

The glowing bestie, Nazlin juz delivered her second son. Alhamdulillah!