Monday, November 8, 2010

Nautica - White

As promised from my previous post, I wanted to vary nautica with white instead of black. This time around, I paired the striped jacket with white top & the newly bought white skirt from a pushcart at Raffles City (on d same day of this photoshoot). I am the crazy few who wldnt mind improvise what i wear even if the item had juz been bought! - was supposed to wear black wif variety of shawls for the shoot (upcoming posts)...well, some things are best unplanned!

Yes... not 2 forget, my new red ballet shoes from New Look.

1. striped bolero jacket - cotton on $49
2. white long-sleeve - anglia $12
3. white long lacey skirt - pushcart $39
4. red scarf - akel $5
5. red ballet shoes - new look $39

"Seeing light at the end of the tunnel..."

Next few pics were taken at Clarke Quay

Love this building, located juz next 2 clarke quay, as u walk frm City Hall. The ancient building wif its colourful windows is actually a fire station - who wld hv guessed!