Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Roses & Lace

I love lace! ...and i love my long black skirt. The latter is so easy to match wif almost anythin & everythin. if i hv 2 recommend a fellow hejabi, wld definitely recommend this long black skirt - slim cut wif a slight flair at the it's stretchy altho it's free size. i may b on the plus size but..i can fit into can u! a long black skirt is a must have - juz like any other 'LBD' (little black dress) for non-hejabi unless...u wana wear LBD wif pants..layer it wif long-sleeve t.

plus...on a lazy day..when u dread to iron..hey! juz grb a long black skirt..or in my own words - lazy, black skirt...hehhehe. cnt say anymore - a must have!

1. black lacy shawl - pushcart @bugis $12
2. black shades - marks & spencer $14
3. black long-sleeve t - anglia $12
4. black lacy ruffles roses mini dress - nichii $34
5. black long skirt - geylang market $10
6. silver flower brooch - diva, surfers paradise, goldcoast $5


Stylish Hijabi said...

I commented in ur 1st post so I didnt see that you already posted from where u got ur skirt, sorry :)
But I just can say that's amaaazing, it's a bargain sis but prob is geylang market is huge and crowded when I go there I just get stressed and I end buying nothing and going back home, maybe it's also bc my hubby gets bored so... I end leaving the market without buying anything..haha
I need you to go with me hahahah!! :)

In Style Hejab said...

thank u darlin... i've seen the long black skirts at other places too other than Geylang's..i agree wif ur hubby, i cldnt take d chaos there too so wld go thr only when necessary!

last wk, i saw long skirts wif similar stretchy material but straight cut..less than $15 at New Look. will update u if i find thm anywhere else.

i love 2 network & make new frens...wld love a shopping company. since we're livin under same flag - why not meet up :)

Stylish Hijabi said...

oohhh thank you sister.
And yeah I don't have any probs, we can meet any time, that would be great bc we share the same love for fashion and clothes lol. mwaah!