Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My new baby - Canon DSLR EOS1000D

Yes! i'm the proud owner of a digital SLR camera. That explains partly why i've bn missing in action for few wks (i miss blogging). i used to take pics wif my nikon digicam, faithfully servin its purpose for few years, travelled wif me far & near...doin justice to beautiful landscapes, gourmetlicious food, romantic getaways, sentimental potraits, furry pets & what hv u not... but i decided to take photography up another level. melodrama i am not, but my ol' digicam went caput on me! well, now i don't feel guilty splurging on this new baby of mine.

hope that also explains why all of a sudden, i flooded few albums today. i desperately need to clear all my pics taken from previous digicam...so that i can start shootin & uploadin DSLR quality pics. insyaallah, hope 2 achieve better photography with tis newbie. naw, i didnt get the most expensive ones...that would hv sucked me dry! but it did pinch me abt $800+ inc extended warranty, several useful editing softwares, extra 8GB memory card & extra battery. not to forget, i went for a complimentary course on how 2 use its functions...2hr lesson boyyy..i did benefit lots!

my next target is to also upload some pics of my sistas... i took lovely pics of her but havent got the time/chance/mood or whatever excuses to upload them lots.

and...insyaallah, if everythin goes well...no hiccups whatsoever, i'll b travelling to jakarta this weekend. so, i really hope to clr my backlog before my trip so that i can start afresh sooner than i can imagine.

sorry..mind my rantings....c ya arnd :p

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Fatima said...

Congrats with your new camera! ;p