Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hejabi's Day Out

Love this blue dress. Nowadays, even non-hejabi wears it with pants or long skirt. Friends remarked that i looked slimmer here...well, who said ruffles will make u look fat?
Bought this cute dress @ This Fashion, dirt cheap S$10 only. Pants frm Dorothy Perkins. Blue wedges frm B.E, Johor Bahru (J.B).

This pic was taken at one of the kelongs at Gelang Patah, J.B. You guessed it rite...i wore the wedges instantly after i bought them..hehhe Great Stuff cnt wait!

This is my lovely sister, Eliani.
Bought few lacey shawls the other day...i love lace...cnt get enuf of them. Those sold online are pricey compared to these which i happened to passed by a pushcart @ Bugis. and it's cheap.. only S$12 per pc : ) My sis is not wearing hejab yet.. wish she'll b converted soon, insyaallah. she'll make a chic hejabi one day : )

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