Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shabby Chic style

Thanks to fellow blogger "Dianpelangi" - The Merchant Daughter, she posted a hejab style which i fancied & tried it on myself. I happen to hv the materials i needed except for the 'dangling' kinda pin wic i tot was an earing, actually. Chiffon scarve/hejab, lacey headband & pins. easy pizzie, doesnt even need brooch wif it. Looks very flowy & soft...almost angelic Hah! it's a little different but similar at same time wif what i usually wear... i love it!

i'm so in love wif this dress...i posted tis before, i wore it wif denim jacket. but i felt i dint do enuf justice coz i only posted 1 pic of it..even thn it wasnt very clear. i've soft spot for roses..especially small, pink blossoms. even my hse is decorated with plenty of rose decor - shabby chic style.

for this outfit, i pair it wif another jacket..but pastel pink (denim material too). i bought this @ CHOMEL eons ago..thot i'd grown out of it...recently, i tried again..Voila..It Fits! i'm so thrilled that my arms had relented & let the jacket fits. it's hard 2 get this kinda jacket nowadays..pastel & with slight lace trimmings. very kawaii look..even koreans & japanese are into this look now :p

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