Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Runway...

Our recent trip to Jakarta seemed a lil' different from usual. This time, we scouted Muslimah boutiques - House of Ria Miranda & Moshaict. We were pleased with our fruitful trip as both boutiques turned out beyond our expectation. Array of beautiful, soft pastels lined the aisle, we cldnt even bear to rummage through the stuff.

Wished i could hv shopped more but they hv limited colours/pieces/sizes so i could juz be grateful with 2 maxi skirts, 1 chiffon jacket/cardigan, 1 ruffled chiffon blouse & few shawls. The best part, i love them all & wish I can hv multiple colours which unfortunately not available :(

Anyway, afterall that legwork...we stayed up till 3am!...juz to hv our little project runway as we cldnt contain our overwhelmin enthusiasm. Let's hv a peep, thank u...berry nice :p


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